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This site has moved: http://lpdt2.blogspot.com/
Please update your bookmarks.

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LPDT2 @ the New Genres Grid

We have started building version 2 of LPDT2 on a new grid which is a part of the Hypergrid. The New Genres Grid has been initiated by our very own Max, and is solely dedicated to artistic output. And we are utterly delighted to be its early Residents.

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The LPDT2 work blog

We have decided to open up our work blog, where we are communicating about the work process of LPDT2:



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Whitenoise avatars at LPDT2

The amazing Whitenoise avatars, created by MosMax Hax, are the actors of the Whitenoise Opera performed in February 2009, as well as the participants of the performance/installation Semiautonomous Puppet Architectonics performed in May 2009, in Second Life.

Now they are making a much welcomed (albeit highly discreet) appearance at LPDT2.

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Credit list

Please remember to give full credits (as well as tags) to all of the photographs/videos taken at LPDT2. The list of names/tags are the following:



Roy Ascott

Selavy Oh

MosMax Hax

Alpha Auer or Alpho Fullstop or alpha.tribe (avatar photographs)

Frigg Ragu (avatar photographs)



Elif Ayiter (avatar photographs)

Max Moswitzer

Thank you!

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Important things!

1) Please remember to use viewer 2!

2) Download custom preset from here (trust me, it makes big difference):

3) The installation has 4 special soundscapes. One on each level. So please disable the parcel media stream from Sound and Media under Preferences. Simply uncheck the radio button next to streaming music.

4) Enable bubble chat from under the Advanced menu in Preferences. Our bots talk! And seeing their conversations as bubbles makes a huge big difference!

5) Set your draw distance to 300 meters (if possible) and enable all shaders except water reflections from the advanced button under the Graphic tab of your Preferences.

6) Teleport from here:


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Full size: http://vimeo.com/14518397

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About LPDT2

LPDT2 is the Second Life incarnation of Roy Ascott’s groundbreaking new media art work La Plissure du Texte (“The Pleating of the Text”), created in 1983 and shown in Paris at the Musée de l’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris during that same year.

The title of the project, “La Plissure du Texte: A Planetary Fairy Tale,” alludes to Roland Barthes’s book “Le Plaisir du Texte”, a famous discourse on authorship, semantic layering, and the creative role of the reader as the writer of the text. As was also the case in its first incarnation “distributed authorship”, a term coined by Ascott has been the primary subject of investigation of LPDT2.

Whereas in 1983 the text was pleated by a number of human storytellers positioned around the globe; in the three dimensionally embodied metaverse the storytellers show novel and unexpected attributes: An emergent textual architecture/geography, as well as a number of autonomous “bot” avatars which dwell inside this bizarre, literary landscape are pleating the text by acting as communication nodes between the narrators of this new version of the tale: The persistent distributed authorship is now accomplished by many writers throughout the ages:

A text generator telling a non-linear, multi-faceted, often times poetic, story harvested from the famous online Gutenberg Project is now distributing its output amongst architecture and its inhabitants, generating dialogues and iterations taking their trajectories from masterworks of classical literature. The pleating resembles musical sampling, the connection between the sentences fades, text becomes noise, from which the audience generates meaning.

The structure on the simulator adds yet another layer of pleating by visually mixing the different sources of text, while yet another layer of textual input will be provided through a contribution by i-DAT.org from the University of Plymouth, UK, by means of which Real Life visitors will be able to contact the LPDT2 by sending SMS messages. Thus all pleated text - the generated, the contributed, and the stored - is simultaneously visible as a massive, ever evolving literary conglomeration.

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LPDT2 windlight 02

We create our own sky preset; a spin off from Second Life’s “Fine Day”, however with enhanced contrast and lessened saturation.

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LPDT2 windlight 01

Testing windlight presets. Here the architecture is shown with Mescaline Tammas’ “Rot” preset.

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Togs for bots… ;-)

Custom avatars were created for the scripted agents of LPDT2. There are 7 full avatars, of both sexes. 2 of these will be given as gifts to SL visitors at the entrance point of the installation.

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Work in progress

Photos of the installation taken by MosMax Hax on August 6th 2010. Almost finished!